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What should I do if my knife is rusting?

Rusting is a normal occurrence when the blade reacts with certain foods or if it is left wet, so make sure to wipe your blade after use. It can be removed by light scrubbing with a scourer or fine wire wool. Treating the blade with a food safe oil after washing will help protect it. In time, and with use, the blade will develop a protective outer layer (patina) that prevents it from rusting.

What should I do if my blade becomes dull?

How quickly your knife becomes dull depends on how much you use it!

We recommend using a Japanese whetstone to sharpen your knives as opposed to a honing steel, which can be too aggressive on our finely ground knives. See below for a demo on how to sharpen your knife with a whetstone, or for a more in-depth introduction join us on one of our Sharpening Classes.

When is the next Knife Sharpening date?

All of our latest sharpening dates, can be found here: Sharpening Workshop

Do you do bespoke orders?

We currently do not offer bespoke orders, however we will keep you enquiry on our database, for the next special editions released which may be in line with your request.

Can I visit the workshop?

We are alway happy to have visitors, come and meet us on Friday 10am-6pm & Saturday 10am-2pm


Most of our knives are made from Carbon Steel. This means our blades are very easy to sharpen and will hold a great edge. However, they will rust if not properly looked after.

Please do not put your knife in a dish washer. Wash by hand & dry immediately. Wiping the blade with a little oil now and again will also help them develop a nice even patina.

Cutting on hard surfaces (e.g. glass, granite) will dull your knife quickly. Always use a wood or plastic cutting board. Store your knife out of harms way. Never place loosely or unprotected in a drawer with other steel utensils.

Our blades are ground very thin. To prevent damaging the edge avoid cutting through bones and brittle foods.


Our knives are designed for a lifetimes use, however damage can occur if mishandled.

We are happy to repair your knife, within reason- our warranty does not cover repairs where improper use is displayed.

Please contact us at for advice on repairs.